Originally from the UK, I split my time between Britain and Asia. I focus on corporate, industrial and lifestyle photography. 

I have completed photographic assignments for a wide range of commercial clients, many of them employing me time and time again. My commissions have included photographing Presidents, leaders of industry, popstars and international athletes.  

With significant experience in the commercial photography sector, including advertising, I am able to provide high quality PR and marketing photography.

With qualifications in both Photography and Design for Film and Television, I understand images and their increasing importance in the modern world. Additionally I have experience working in the creative teams of a Publishing Company in London and a Sydney based multi-national advertising agency. This has given me a great understanding of the complex world of commercial advertising and marketing.

Photography is a wonderful art form, which I am very passionate about. I love the fact that I can capture a moment in time that is full of energy and dynamism.


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